Thought Garage tops Google Search for H1B 2008

I never intend 'Thought Garage' to be a source of information on H1B visas. But regular readers of my blog and frequent visitors made it a prime source of information for H1B visas this year.  One of my colleagues left a message that Thought Garage tops Google search results for H1B 2008 ahead of the most famous immigration portals including I looked it up on Google and below was the screenshot of the search results.

There is no reason for my blog to appear at the top of Google search results for information regarding H1B visas, without your turning to my blog to get the updates and sharing your experiences for the benefit of other guests. I understand for some of you, getting a H1B and working in US will be a turning point in your careers and I am quite thrilled that you considered Thought Garage as one of your sources of information. 

Thank you all.

I could not answer all questions asked by you on posts concerned with H1B 2008 Visa process, particularly certain legal aspects.  But I am sure that I shared my experiences that might provide you with some pointers. When I get some time, I will post all questions I received in emails as a blog post so that all other readers can benefit from our discussions.

I understand that still quite a few of aspirants are waiting for their final confirmation on their petitions,  I wish all of you All the Best. I will post any updates as and when available.

Thank you very much.

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