iGoogle - Themes that change with you !!

Wow!! Another cool feature from Google. Now, You can personalize your Google page with a theme that changes with you, precisely your time and climate. Another simple concept that defines what personalization could mean and why you can't ignore Google.

    >> iGoogle

It is raining in Dallas and here is what my theme looks like. I will update this post tomorrow in the morning, so you will see the difference.

See you tomorrow then. And a Big Thank You to Google !

Here is how the theme looks today morning. Funny that I missed my cute girl in red in the second one.

I love it. The theme always looks fresh and quite refreshing. Here is another theme. This is wonderful in bright colors. Did you observe the Bagles and Coffee in the picture? Ofcourse, it is breakfast time.


suneetha said…
oops! that's a guy in diving suit,not a cute girl..though cute guy.
std said…
which is this theme?

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