149.5 mln Mobile Subscribers In India

India, I would rather say, fast catching up in the Wireless telecom market by quickly adding new connections. Naturally, India will become the second largest wireless market in terms of Number of connections, it is interesting to see how it fares in revenues.  While 484mln is very optimistic number by any standards, 300 mln is quite reachable.  

India in 2006 emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing wireless telecom markets, with the number of mobile-phone service subscribers in the nation growing to 149.5 mln, up from 85 mln in 2005. And the number of new subscriber additions continues at a torrid pace. Monthly mobile subscriber additions averaged 5.5 mln in 2006, and exceeded 6 mln per month by the end of the year. iSuppli projects that the wireless service subscriber base in India will rise to 484 mln by 2011, more than three times the 149.5 mln in 2006. The growth in wireless subscribers is fueling explosive growth in demand for new phones in India.

Source: » 149.5 mln mobile subscribers in India | IT Facts | ZDNet.com

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