Amazing Bangalore - A Solace in Pictures

Having spent almost 4 years in Bangalore during the peak, I have seen it growing from Green to an outrageously polluted city. A 15 minutes enjoyable commute in 1999 grew to an alarming and smoking 1 hour 35 minutes by 2003 (at the time I finally left Bangalore).  Real estate prices outpaced the salary hikes of Software engineers by a multiple of 100s. Imagine the life of non-IT middle class natives of Bangalore.

Good in some aspect, the worst in some aspects, Bangalore has never paused growing. Here are some pics I received in an email that shows some of the picturesque spots of Bangalore. Atleast for a moment, we can forget about all worries and just enjoy being there.

(Click on pictures to view larger versions)

At the outset of Diwali Celebrations

Architectural Marvels : Iflex


Infosys Campus


Trinity Tower



My favorite hangout, Brigade Road

Bird's eye view



State Assembly


High Court



Technology Park

Send me an email to murali at inspions dot net. I will forward the email that actually have some more pictures.

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