When you change, all your relationships change

One of my favorite bloggers, Pamela Slim at Escape From Cubicle Nation shared yet another interesting aspect of becoming an Entrepreneur. The shift in your relationships.  Having experienced (ing) first hand how people around you react to your plans of becoming an entrepreneur, I would suggest that you read her post to get some great insights to get prepared.

One of the unexpected parts of heading towards your right life is discovering that sometimes those around you are not ready, willing or able to see you change.  This can result in disagreements, fracturing or even ending long-term friendships and relationships.

Based on my personal experience, if you are working somewhere currently, I suggest that you DO NOT share your plans with anybody. I deeply regret sharing this with my buddies at work. Word gets out pretty fast, and trust me, not many (infact most) will like it.

Source: Escape from Cubicle Nation: When you change, all your relationships change

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