Mad Rush For H1B Visas - Fedex locations swamped

All Fedex locations have been swamped today (particularly in the afternoon) and it took anywhere between 2-3 hours to drop off any thing at most Fedex locations. All firms (both Consulting firms and big firms alike) looks to be sending their H1B visa petitions today by Fedex to reach USCIS offices before they are opened on monday, 2nd of April, 2007.

Keeping in mind the last year's rush (50% of the quota limits were reached with in a span of 10 days), this time nobody want to miss this year quota. Rumours are all around speculating that number of applications received on day 1 itself will reach the quota limits and USCIS might go for lottery to pickup applications.

One might think that Outsourcing and moving of development centers to offshores might reduce job opportunities in US. But the demand for H1Bs has been steadily growing. If number of applications received by USCIS is any indication to that demand, one will be surprised for sure this year.

Its very interesting to note that many consulting firms hire nobody but H1Bs these days. No wonder, there is a mad rush for H1B visas by every body.


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