Why I Love Google Reader The Most

I spend significant part of my time (after office hours) in reading blogs. And after reading blogs from My Yahoo, Bloglines and BlogBridge I fell in love with this simple and Elegant application the moment I tried it.  I switched to Google Reader a while ago. And I never looked back or looked out off it, As every day using this app is as exciting as it was on my first look.

Few Key Reasons I switched and loved it so much in the order of priority:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Fast to load and Highly Responsive
  • Unlike other online readers, all items in a page are not set to 'Read' the moment I open. I must go to the item to update the status. That way, I never miss a post again.
  • I don't have to clip or post or bookmark some thing I like. With the press of a key, the post I liked is shared. My friends subscribe to the feed, instantly get to see what I liked.
  • Easy of adding new feeds & navigating & Managing feeds

Today, there is another reason to Love it More, a new feature introduced called 'Trends'.  Excellent analysis of how, what and when you are reading blogs. Wow !!!

Have a look at the snapshots. As elegant as it is, no one needs any explanation to understand.


Some time back I read a post at OnStartups.net about what it takes to switch from Google products, search in particular. Well the answer is if the new product is as Elegant as Google Product and can excite you day after day with innovative and quite useful features.

Having said that I haven't come across any thing close on the excitement part and Elegance and Useful features. 37 Signals' basecamp is only the closest and still miles apart from Google based on my experience. 


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