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Right from the moment I heard about, I set my expectations very high and love to see them met in entirety. I truly believe in India becoming the Innovation Power house of the Flat world. And as mentioned in the words of Vijay Anand, what we really need to create that edge are solutions that are revolutionary rather than evolutionary and will mark the beginning of the journey.
I believe what we need for this country is not evolution, but a revolution. This event will mark its initiation. -- Vijay Anand(Source)

I am not sure what is in store for me at's first ever conference, but I was sadly surprised and shocked from mixed signals in announcements in the last 48 hours.

Following an announcement by team last week about releasing initial short list of Companies participating in the first conference, I have been watching its blog eagerly with great expectations. For sure there was a big suprise. The team of declared that the list won't be announced until the D'day. So wait must go on till the final day.
After speaking to a couple of entrepreneurs and companies, we have come to a decision. We are going to with-held the names of the companies from the general public till the day of the event.

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It is clearly evident from the blog post that they don't want other Bloggers and Media to start reviewing and profiling those companies before the main event.
The reason why we want to do this is because, everybody will find the reason to come to the event, and listen right from the founders themselves as to what inspired them, the dreams, goals and visions that they carry for their company, team and the product - which will be something which will lose its impact, if we release the list now itself.

I understand the reason and sincerely appreciate their decision. So the initial little surprise was infact a great feeling of comfort that team is doing their best to deliver what they have promised.

The shocking part comes not from the original announcement at, but from a blog post at Webyantra by one of the organizers, Amit Ranjan. Responding to questions on whether products at will be comparable or better than a typical Demo conference, Amit said some thing I don't like to hear and doesn't seem to go inline with what Vijay Anand's perspective on
Its unlikely that what you are going to see there can compete with Demo. The two technology ecosystems are in completely different stages of their evolution and any direct comparisions, would probably be an academic exercise.

At the same time, you are likely to come across some promising technologies and products from companies that are striving to create something innovative in a technological landscape that is dominated by services oriented outsourcing companies. The final list of 30 will include companies from internet based services, Web2.0, Mobile, Digital Commerce, consumer hardware and Telecom.

This gives me a different impression now, about the kind of products that will be showcased in the upcoming show.

I don't know about comparing with Demo on the Quality and Profile of Products, but I love to see that these new Solutions shocased at inspire Silicon Valley and that they are indeed REVOLUTIONARY than natural or localized evolutions of solutions from Silicon Valley or other parts of world.

And sadly, like many others, the blog post affirms the confusion of 'no-innovation in outsourcing'. Thatz totally insane. I love the Software Services companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and likes that completely changed the way world of business operates and proved beyond doubt that 'The World is Flat'. Not just that, these are the companies that actually made India synonymous with Software and IT and made every Indian proud. No revolution of this sort could be achieved by lack of Innovation and excellent execution models. What they did and have been doing is absolutely and truly innovative and indeed quite revolutionary.

I don't understand quite well these mixed signals. Don't understand the level of disbelief in Innovation in India either. I hope, I see what I love to see in Fingers crossed until the D'day.
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