TIME's Person of the Year: You

Time's Cover Story for Holidays and almost the Retrospective Climax for year 2006 is all about YOU. It named 'YOU' as the Person of the Year 2006. The YOU behind the explosion of Web2.0. That means, I am the Person of the Year 2006. (:-)) Time for celebrations !!!

All the Video I shared, all those videos I watched, all those posts I blogged, all those comments I have ever written, all those social profiles I have created, all those people I met online, all those pictures I shared, all those bookmarks I shared, all those blogs I read, ................................. deserves a big pat on the back and the Award as 'Person of the Year'.

Thank you Time for the Award!

America loves its solitary geniuses—its Einsteins, its Edisons, its Jobses—but those lonely dreamers may have to learn to play with others. Car companies are running open design contests. Reuters is carrying blog postings alongside its regular news feed. Microsoft is working overtime to fend off user-created Linux. We're looking at an explosion of productivity and innovation, and it's just getting started, as millions of minds that would otherwise have drowned in obscurity get backhauled into the global intellectual economy.

Source: TIME.com: Person of the Year: You -- Dec. 25, 2006 -- Page 1


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