Mobile Web Magic: How 15 Minutes Browsing Could Cost You A 30GB iPod

If you are roaming in a foreign country and say watch a video clip or listen to a podcast or browse internet for 15 minutes, you could end up paying around $250, almost the retail price of a 30GB Video iPod.  Or if you are lucky and browse mad it may exceed your Airfare itself (:-))

I never really cared to look at the price of international roaming. I happen to read Carl at MobHappy quite regreting browsing internet while in Amsterdam recently.

I can handle the 99 cents per minute for voice and the 35 cents per text message, really, but the $15 per MB of data really gets  to me

You Could Pay Anywhere between $10 and $26

I just looked up for different carriers in USA and their charges for international roaming. If you think T-Mobile's $15/MB is exorbitant, think again. Cingular charges $20/MB while in Netherlands. The price is anywhere between $10 and $26, depending on the country and carrier. For a sample, I included T-Mobile pricing.

Use Internet and e-mail while roaming

Surf and send without missing a sight. T-Mobile offers wireless Internet and e-mail convenience around the world in 90 countries and locations.

All you need is T-MobileWeb or a T-Mobile Internet plan, WorldClass service, and a device that supports the frequencies used at your destinations. †

Data transmissions, including e-mail and Internet surfing, are billed by volume: $0.01 per KB / $10.24 per MB in Canada, $0.015 per KB / $15.36 per MB in other countries.‡

Source: T-Mobile WebSite

So, Next time when you are traveling outside your country, keep a watch on your internet usage on your Mobile.

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