Get Paid To Be Social In 19 Ways

Mashable compiled a list of 19 Social Networking sites where you can get paid for creating and sharing content. Well, while it looks very promising, its time to build filters that can cut content exclusively created to make money. Soon, one can expect books and blogs fluorishing on teaching how to make money on Social networks and soon just like SEO, there will be SNO, that can take you content to top levels irrespective of quality of content. And ... cycle of crap factories will repeat, yet again.

With the top YouTube users becoming paid shills for Coke, and the top Diggers being accused of taking ‘cash for Diggs‘, it seems that the users of social sites are looking to be rewarded for their efforts. In fact, there are already plenty of services that will pay you for your participation. Here are nineteen of the best, plus a few bonuses.

Source: 19 Ways To Make Social Sites Pay - Mashable!


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