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China's Carmakers Copy, India's Are Inventing

Economist has a story "A different route", that looks at Car makers in India and how they are differentiating from other low-cost car making counterparts in China. ( You need Premium access to read the full article or buy Print version.)

While China's carmakers copy, India's are inventing

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Earlier this year BBC World News produced a documentary,  Race to the Top of the World - India vs China that compares China and India on the way to becoming the Economic Super Powers of 21st Century. One of the striking message in the documentary is that India is differentiating itself from the rest of counterparts by pioneering Innovation and focusing on Quality rather than Quantity. Now Economist has a story that affirms a similar message, particularly taking Automobile industry as an example. 

While India looks to be leading on the Innovation front, on the domestic market consumption, China looks much better. Particularly in the Mobile World.

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WITH 6.6m new subscribers a month, India is in the grip of an unprecedented mobile-phone boom. Figures released in September showed that India had overtaken China in new subscribers per month for the first time. India still lags behind China in total subscribers, with a mere 136m (up from 75m a year ago), compared with China's 449m. But India's government is confident that this gap can be quickly closed, and that it will meet its target of 500m phone subscribers by 2010.

While growth in the recent months has been very encouraging, I believe, this growth rate can not be sustained for more than a few months. Growth in India, where sales will more than double this year, will probably slow to 7 percent next year, said the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association. And catching up China's 449M subscriber base is going to be a very tough task. I don't believe the target of 2010 is realistic at all. More over, the future of Mobile Technology, the new 3G is quite unclear at this point in India. But China is spearheading in that front too.

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