Can You Learn How To Dream ?

Can You? The following article says that You can. And it literally says that you can dream whatever you want to dream. huh! Dream to me is what your sub-conscientious mind thinks when you are sleeping. Well, if you can teach how and what your sub-conscientious mind think, then, paradoxically, it is not your sub-conscientious mind any more. Isn't it?

I do not know how night dreams influence (except a few stories and movies), but I strongly believe in day dreaming. Day-dreams are your direct thoughts out of imagination, and hence they are the blueprints of your future if you have the courage to act on them.

What is a dream? According to Wikipedia, A dream is the experience of envisioned images, voices, or other sensations during sleep. However we are not talking about dreaming while we sleep, we are talking about dreaming while we are awake and conscious. We are talking about imagine and visualize what is our future scene looks like. Basically dreaming is the first step for whatever we want to achieve in our live.

Dream sounds like something intangible and untouchable. For example when we heard somebody saying that they had dream that they becomes a millionaire, then normally we will treat this as day dreaming. Many of us lost our courage to dream when we grown up. When we wanted to be somebody, people will tell us that it is impossible. As times goes by, We lose our ability to dream. We don’t know how to dream and even don’t know what to dream.

However we should be aware that we need to continue to dream. We need to choose to dream and dare to dream. Without dreams, life would be meaningless because we have no future. If we don’t know how to dream, then we got to learn how to dream. There are a lot of books and materials outside that teaches us how to dream. We just have to go out there, open our eyes, look for it, read it, and do it. For example Marc Allen’s book of ‘The Type Z Guide To Success with Ease’ illustrate some good techniques and examples that shows us how to dream.

Recently I relearned how to dream properly. I force myself to dream. At the beginning, it is difficult, because I don’t even know what to dream. But after sometimes, it becomes a natural things. I can dream of the same scene every morning and before sleep and whenever I am free. Basically you need practices to do this.

Source: Dare To Dream « Towards Better Life

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