Bangalore Set To Beat The Silicon Valley

Bangalore is set to beat Silicon Valley in providing Wi-Max based Wireless Internet access any where in the city and surroundings. "The Wireless Silicon Valley" project aims to provide similar service in the Silicon Valley seems to be lagging behind "The Unwired Bangalore" project.

Bangalore is going to be the second city in the world to be fully Wi-Max enabled, something even the Silicon Valley can't boast of. According to news magazine Outlook, "In early 2007, when Wi-Max is introduced to Bangalore city - in the final plan it'll cover 696 Km of the city and 470 Km in the surrounding town and municipal regions - it will be only the second city in the world to be fully Wi-Max enabled, after Taipei."

Nomadic access to the Internet. Imagine sitting on the beach, in a café, or stuck in traffic. In the office, the drawing room, the balcony, the park. Just about everywhere. And being connected to the web, to your emails and to the rest of the world. That's exactly what the world of wireless broadband promises. Bangalore takes a lead in that. In other words, theoretically at least, Bangalore will be the most productive city of India from January 2007.

Source: Kudos Bangalore, the real technology city :

This news item  reported to have caused a spur in the Silicon Valley community.

So when Brian Moura, the co-chair of Wireless Silicon Valley, read them, he took action. He e-mailed the article from the Hindustan Times to others in the local task force that plans to build a free wireless network spanning 1,500 square miles and about 40 communities in the South Bay. Moura's e-mail spurred discussion about how Silicon Valley leaders might learn from Bangalore.

Well done, Bangalore.


[...] Bangalore is all set to become India’s first city with complete wireless access. Murali of Thought Garage has a write-up on that and why folks in Silicon Valley were spurred into action by Bangalore’s Unwired project. [...]
[...] Recently I learned Bangalore Set To Beat The Silicon Valley when a Hindustan Times news item that declared Bangalore to be the second WiMAX city ahead of Silicon Valley and caused Silicon Valley to spur into action to pump up their efforts. [...]

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