World's Smallest Camera Flip Phone - Pantech C3

Based on the dimensions that read 2.72”x1.69”x.8”, with a weight of only 71.9 grams, Pantech C3 is the World's smallest Camera Flip Phone,  comes up with more customization and rich multimedia features.

  Pantech C3 Phone (Cingular)

Pantech Wireless Inc. - the U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Group, Korea’s leading mobile phone manufacturer today announced the introduction of the Pantech C3, an enhanced version of the world’s smallest camera Flip Phone.

Building on the success of the C300, the company has given the popular phone a stylish upgrade. Customers can now articulate their personal style by quickly customizing their world’s smallest camera flip phones with a variety of changeable color faceplates. Upon purchase, the C3 comes equipped with both Secret Blue and Silver frontages. Other colors and styles will be made available following the launch. This versatile handset is the perfect accessory for trendsetters that want their cell phone to more readily adjust to their lifestyle.

The multimedia C3, available exclusively through all Cingular Wireless sales channels, allows users to share photos and songs with friends, hand-select and assign MP3 ringtones, utilize an array of instant messaging capabilities and stay connected with multiple mobile email services. The phone is small and mighty, measuring only 2.72 inches tall, 1.69 inches wide and .8 inches thick when closed, and once opened it features a bright color screen, large fonts and a VGA camera with flash and zoom.

Source : Press Release via Mobile Burn

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