Sprint offering Gmail on Mobile?

"Sprint Nextel Corp., the third-largest U.S. wireless services provider, will start offering a mobile version of Google Inc.'s e-mail service to encourage subscribers to use features besides calling." - When I read this news item, for a minute I did not understand what I just read. What does it mean? Sprint offers Gmail? Any Sprint customer with access to internet could read Gmail on their mobile. Isn't it? Then what is this special offer? 

Gmail for mobile devices will be available to Sprint's data customers at no additional charge, Reston, Virginia-based Sprint said in a statement today. Users can download the e-mail application or access the service through a wireless Web site.

The news is that "Sprint will offer a link to Gmail from its mobile home page". Thats all about it. Or they mean that they will not be blocking you from accessing from Gmail website. Read the press release by Sprint here.

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