Second Life® Gets Cell Phone

There are about 2.5 Billion REAL people have access to a cell phone world wide. And now 1.5 million virtual people can get a cell phone too. Second Life gets a virtual cell phone for its residents, totally free, thanks to YouNeverCall.

YouNeverCall, the popular online cell phone store, (see: has ventured into a new dimension of cell phones - the virtual one. The resident-owned Second Life population can now get a virtual - and functional - cell phone, for free.

"At YouNeverCall, we have decided to venture beyond our traditional customer base," states Sam Michelson, CEO of YouNeverCall, "and Second Life offers us more than a 1.5 million potential new customers. The virtual cell phones we are offering on Second Life are more than just a fun accessory. The cell phones let Second Life residents send and receive text messages, as well as hold the virtual phone to their ear. They ring like real cell phones and, best of all, require no special download. YouNeverCall's Second Life cell phones also offer valuable information like the exchange rate of the Linden dollar (Second Life currency) to US dollar, and actual US stock quotes. The YouNeverCall virtual kiosk in Second Life is conveniently located in the Alston region at coordinates 95, 58, 22, right near a Lindex ATM."

Source: Popular Online Cell Phone Store 'YouNeverCall' Offers Virtual Cell Phones in Second Life®

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