MoboFLIX - Shoot, Upload and Earn

User Generated Content is the key message of Web2.0 communication and collaboration applications that are spearheading the next wave of IT revolution.  Blogs, Social networking, social bookmarking, photo sharing and video sharing applications are driving the traffic on internet these days. And this is where most of the users are spending their times. So, it is quite natural to expect  similar trends in Mobile world. 

Recently YouTube announced that a mobile version of YouTube can be expected early next year to target the 2.5B cell phone users around the world. Latest on the bandwagon, is MoboFlix from Melodeo (also pioneered the mobile podcasting), will enable users to upload and share their videos.  But this time, you can also earn a few bucks when users like your video and download to their mobiles to watch it. The revenue that comes from Advertisements and from carrier for increasing the data usage on their networks will be shared with the content creators.  A new trend that is increasingly becoming a popular marketing mantra to get more users create content on thier networks.

The MoboFLIX revenue-sharing model will pay the creator of any video based on how often their video is downloaded to a mobile phone and viewed on the Web. The shared revenue will come from advertising and/or mobile download charges that have a revenue split. MoboFLIX covers all the distribution bandwidth and works within a wireless carrier's existing infrastructure and business by using MMS and WAP to send and receive videos, driving additional usage of their multimedia services.

The product is not yet ready. To promote the product, they are launching a  Beta Launch Contest with prize money of $1000 for the top video clip. Top ten clips also get a $100 gift card. All you need to do is shoot your video, upload to MoboFlix.  The clip must not exceed 30 seconds and You need to send your clips to between now and 7th of December. Read more about it at

(Source: Mobile Phone Podcast Blog)


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