Friday, November 17, 2006

In 2006 Mobile subscribers reach 2.6B

Quite a bit of coincidence that in 2006 Global Mobile subscribers will reach 2.6B. The impressive growth is steadily backed up by Mobile reach out in countries like China and India. And it is expected that by 2010, Global mobile subscribers will reach 4B.  Another reason that could explain the frenzy in Mobile marketing and mobile applications.

The number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide will rise to 2.6 billion this year and 4 billion by 2010, thanks to the development of ultra-low-cost handsets, market researcher iSuppli said.

New subscribers in developing nations such as India and China are behind the rapid increase in mobile phone users, the researcher said, while the mobile industry has rallied to the cause with ultra-low-cost handsets.

Source: Mobile subscribers to reach 2.6b this year—report

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