Saturday, November 18, 2006

Charging your Cell Phone Wirelessly

Every electronic device small or big comes up with another accessory, a charger. And, Unfortunately every charger is different and you cannot use one for the other. Is the scene at your home different than what is shown in this picture? (image from BBC News Report)

Most likely, at home, you would have atleast 5 chargers always plugged in, waiting to be connected to respective devices every night. When you are travelling, this poses a problem of serious inconvenience too. Not to mention the clumsy wires all around. Only a few aiports have  charging kiosks. So, wherever you go, you must carry them all along. Not so convenient. But Is there a viable alternative in the market?  Well, a Yes and a No. Precisely, not YET.   

For a detailed discussion Read the complete article at The Cellular Life Style.

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