70 Brilliant Minds on the Next 50 Years

As part of New Scientist's 50th anniversary celebrations, it asked over 70 of the world's most brilliant scientists for their predictions for the next 50 years. Here are the topics of the predictions for future.

Life: Ageing, alien life, consciousness, ecology, embryology, environment, evolution, genetics, health, humans, language, neuroscience, oceans, psychology, sex and social science.

Space and technology: Artificial intelligence, communications, computing, cosmology, space and technology.

Physical sciences: Chemistry, energy, materials, maths and physics.

Source: Brilliant Minds on the Next 50 Years: Instant Expert - science-forecasts - 16 November 2006 - New Scientist

Here is a prediction on Search Engines by Peter Norvig of Google, talking about the realization of semantic web:

In 50 years the scene will be transformed. Instead of typing a few words into a search engine, people will discuss their needs with a digital intermediary, which will offer suggestions and refinements. The result will not be a list of links, but an annotated report (or a simple conversation) that synthesises the important points, with references to the original literature. People won't think of "search" as a separate category - it will all be part of living.


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