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Smartphones Will Rule The Markets

Symbian's Nigel Clifford forecasts the death of PC, as 'dawning era of the smart phone represents a shift "as profound as the Internet and PC were in the 1990s." Clifford suggested that the popularity of smart phones in the developed world and the "leapfrog economies" phenomenon in developing countries--in which expensive wired infrastructures are bypassed in favor of wireless--would create a situation where there was a "smart phone in every pocket."

Demand for smart phones and personal digital assistants is continuing to grow rapidly, according to the latest statistics from Gartner. Smart-phone sales have already increased by 75.5 percent in the last year to 37.4 million units, and will grow by a further 66 percent during 2006, according to data released last week by the analyst firm.

And, Informa Telecoms & Media is predicting that the smartphone segment will be the fastest growing part of the mobile handset market in 2006 and will continue to enjoy healthy growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.5% until 2011.

There is no question that the PC has democratised computing and unleashed innovation; but it is the mobile phone that now seems most likely to carry the dream of the personal computer to its conclusion. - The Economist (Via Emergic)
We at ‘The Cellular Life Style‘ strongly believe so, for a reason. What about you? Would you like to carry an iPod, a Sony recorder, a Palm PDA, a cell phone, a digital camera, a gaming console, a GPS navigator, a jump drive, a laptop, …………….. OR a cool smart Cellular phone?

It is so painful to carry each individual device and its accessories. And it is quite expensive to buy an individual device for each function. Read how you can actually save 100s of dollars if you buy a smartphone in my previous post Busting The myth of Smartphone Market . If you decide to have an individual device for each function, don't forget to buy a nice handbag as well, to carry all of them and accessories (:-))

At ‘The Cellular Life Style‘, we strongly believe that It is fundamental and very important for users to think of and use Mobile as multi-utility device than just a simple phone. That is exactly why Smartphones will be THE key factor in success of Mobiles and will rule the markets.

Read my recent posts on this topic for more analysis and discussion.

And here is a point of proof of what we believe in. Informa Telecoms & Media is predicting that the smartphone segment will be the fastest growing part of the mobile handset market in 2006, showing a year-on-year volume increase of over 40%. Other segments will show slower rates of expansion of 4% for basic phones, 19% for low feature phones and 20% for feature-rich non smartphones.

Although the feature-rich phone market, particularly smartphones, will continue to enjoy healthy growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.5% until 2011, sales of basic phones will start to decline from 2007 to reach about 129 million units sold in 2011 from 239 million in 2006.

The strongest forecast growth to 2011 is expected to be in the area of feature rich low-end smartphones, mainly due to significant price reductions of these devices and improvements in their multimedia capabilities.

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