Parking using your Mobile

While going through the net I came through this great idea, how about locating a parking spot to people who are ready to pay a little more for the service. It sounds very interesting and has already come up with a service. I am sure driving around searching for a space to park while going to a meeting or an interview is never fun, that's where this the idea clicks.

This is how it works. Registered users post the location of a parking spot they plan on leaving, as well as a price, for that information. Other registered users could search for soon-to-be-available spaces in a given area. Users can search for this information from their Mobile phones capable of browsing internet or from desktop computers. When a user finds an available space and agree to the price, SpotScout withdraws the money and put on block. When the user actually arrives and picks the spot, transaction is considered complete and money is exchanged electronically. SpotScout takes 15% of the total transaction fee to facilitate this. Remember, you are only paying at this point for the information of a free parking lot.  If there's a parking meter, you still have to pay that.

Though the idea involves a person leaving a space indicating he is vacating it and the person requiring a space taking it up, the idea has a fair amount of gap. So the person taking the space pays for the spot and the person indicating he is vacating gets a share for his effort and ofcourse spotscout gets a share for the transaction. From the idea it is more of sharing information.

The service is to be launched in San Francisco, Boston and New York in July according to a wired report. The report also indicates 800,000 people already registered for the service. If you think of it on the long run you save gas too along with your time.

With Parking Garages joining the network, the users will be able to reserve a parking spot ahead as well. And users who have parking spaces in front of their condos/apartments can sell the parking lot when they are not using it through this network. That is an excellent service. For more, you can visit


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