How to become next YouTube ?

Many of the Web2.0 companies must be wondering why Google did not buy them or frantically scratching their heads on how to get there to be the next YouTube.

Here is an interesting and quite a funny post from GapingVoid, "Top Ten Reasons why you didn’t sell your Web 2.0 company to Google for $1.6 Billion".  This post kinda explains why you are not You Tube, YET.

1. You already sold your company. For a lot less, to somebody else. Ouch. Ouch. Pain.

2. Instead of giving your company an easy-to-spell, easy-to-talk-about name like “YouTube”, you decided to give your company a name that [a] nobody likes and [b] nobody can spell. Robert Scoble explains.

3. Your company probably isn’t even worth $1.6 million, let alone $1.6 billion. Heck, $1.6 thousand would be considered “not bad” in some books…

4. You’re still working at Starbucks. So you went from dotcom entrepreneur in 1999, to a penniless barrista in 2001, to... ummmm.... still a penniless barrista in 2006. Life is unfair.

5. Your business model doesn’t scale. In fact, I’m not quite sure about your business in the first place, let alone whether the model scales or not…

6. Marc Cantor likes you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

7. “Inbound Links” is not the same as “Inbound Cash”. Some people take a while with this one.

8. None of the A-Listers linked to your blog. If only people like BoingBoing and Engadget had agreed to a little ol' mutal backscratching, the market would have blissfully overlooked the fact that nobdoy likes or uses your product. Next time, offer cash bribes. Seriously.

9. It doesn't say "Beta" on your home page. Why does that matter? What, you mean you don't know?! Loser.

10. Valleywag doesn’t try to crash your parties. I know. Not having Nick crashing your parties takes some doing… it’s like having mosquitoes in Northern Maine not trying to bite you. Kinda spooky when it happens.


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