How mobiles change our lives - Reports

I strongly believe that Mobiles have and are dramatically changing our lifestyles. And many people across the world have changed their life styles to embrace Mobile as an integral part of thier lives. In otherwords, these days, our lives more or less almost all the time depend on Mobile phones.

There were many reports and books that corroborate that belief. Recent reports from UK's Carphone Warehouse conclusively establishes the fact that Mobiles have and are changing our lifestyles dramatically.

The Mobile Life Report 2006 (PDF): How mobile phones change the way we live

"Over 16,500 people were asked what they think about the mobile phone and how they use this ubiquitous piece of technology."

"It is hard to believe that the mobile phone is now 21 years old. This is a generation, a whole section of society. People born since 1985 have never known life without a mobile phone."

The Mobile Life Youth Report 2006 (PDF) : The impact of the Mobile Phone on the lives of young people

Over 1,250 11-17 year olds were asked what they think about their
mobile phone and how they use this ubiquitous piece of technology.

Here I summarized a few important conclusions from the report regarding how Mobiles impact our lives:

  • 92% of mobile phone owners cannot get through a typical day without using their phone.
  • For people 18-24 years old, their mobile phone matters more to them than television
  • Most people aged 18-40 say mobile phones have improved their quality of life.
  • Mobile phones have given most women a much greater feeling of safety when driving alone and when out and about – shopping, going to a bar or travelling to and from work
  • Owning a mobile phone makes 80% of young people feel safer when out and about, shopping, socialising or travelling to and from their school or college
  • 45% of grandmothers think mobile phones can help strenghen communication between grandchildren and grandparents
  • 51% of 10 year olds and 70% of 11 year olds own a mobile phone
  • Asked which of five electronic items is the most important to them, 36% of girls, compared with 17% of boys, say their mobile phone
  • 78% of 11-17 year-olds say that having a mobile phone gives them a better social life, because they can more easily maintain contact with their friends. More widely, 70% say their mobile phone has made their life better
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