Cellphones & Indian fishermen - A Life Style

Washington Post ran an article "For India's Traditional Fishermen, Cellphones Deliver a Sea Change" by Kevin Sullivan last weekend revealing the impact of cellphones in the lives of Indian fishermen. Very interesting.  Watch the video of the story available on the page.

Few Excerpts from the story:

The cellphone is bringing new economic clout, profit and productivity to Rajan and millions of other poor laborers in India, the world's fastest-growing cellphone market.

A convenience taken for granted in wealthy nations, the cellphone is putting cash in the pockets of people for whom a dollar is a good day's wage. And it has made market-savvy entrepreneurs out of sheepherders, rickshaw drivers and even the acrobatic men who shinny up palm trees to harvest coconuts here in Kerala state.

"This has changed the entire dynamics of communications and how they organize their lives," said C.K. Prahalad, an India-born business professor at the University of Michigan

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