Site 24X7 - Nice Tool to monitor Websites

I use SiteGround to host this blog. Their service over the last year has been commendable. My blog was never down as per my knowledge. Whenever I access it, it is always available. But questions like was it really never down? Was it up all the time over the last year? always pops up, as I was not sure about it. I wish it was up all the time. But there is no way to know that.

Then, I recently read about Site 24X7, which can monitor my website availability and content for free. I signed up on their website, and entered by blog URL to monitor it. Today I received the first report for the last week. I am very happy to see that my site has been up all the time and available 100% of time. Now I know for sure.

View Status Report : (Click on image to enlarge)

How does it work? : The tool try to access your website at a configurable interval to check whether your site is available or not. You can configure this polling interval as you wish from 5 minutes to 24 hours. 

Along with the availability monitoring, the tool also provide content monitoring. For example, You can also monitor for defacing attacks. See the following configuration screen.

Configuration Options: (Click on image to enlarge)


If you configure certains key words to be always found on your webpage and/or if the URL content changes by 50%, you can receive an alert. Both keywords and % of your URL change is configurable. So, if your URL changes because of defacing attack, you can get an alert by SMS or Email.

Also you can share this status with public by embedding the stats on your webpage or by providing an URL to interested parties. This URL if known, can be accessible by anybody and everybody. For example, you can see the status of my blog here.

Nice tool for website adminstrators and bloggers alike, but an essential tool for folks like me, who use third party hosting solutions.  Thanks a ton Site 24X7. Thumbs up!

Here is a copy from their website, on what Site 24X7 can do:

What Site24x7 can do?

Ensure your Websites are up : We can make HTTP/ HTTPS requests at regular intervals of time and check if your website is fine.

Track Website Performance : You can track your website response time.

Monitor Web Transactions : Record and Playback a sequence of HTTP requests or web page submissions.

Monitor Web Page Defacement : Be notified when your webpage changes.

Instant Alerts : Be notfied via email or SMS when your website is down or when the response time has crossed certain limits you have set.

Reports and Trends : Track website performance over a period of time and conclude on possible trends.

Visit for more information and free signup here.


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