Race to the Top of the World - India vs China

BBC World News produced a documentary on India vs China comparing head to head on different aspects of economic growth on the way to becoming Economic Super Powers of the 21st century.

While China is growing and moving very fast, there are some people still believe that India has a better chance to become Super Power and sustain the growth rate. Many analysts are debating that China's silos development model can not be sustained in the long run and arguing that India's overall development, though little slower than China, can sustain in the long run because of the ecosystem that is being developed and being the largest democratic country in the world. More over, another clear distinction even mentioned in this video, India is pioneering innovation to differentiate in terms of Quality products rather than Quantity.

Watch the videos uploaded at Youtube.

India and China are due to reopen their land border this month, for the first time since an intense frontier war more than 40 years ago.This political breakthrough comes as both countries race to become the economic giants of the world in the next few decades. BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins has been travelling in both India and China to assess the scale of the challenge they face and the impact their rise will have on all of our lives. In this special report he visits these two countries to see how two very different political systems are coping with rapid change. The two countries are still excluded from the G8. These two Emerging giants are locked in a race to become the world's newest economic super power. James Robbins has been to the commercial capitals of Mumbai and Shanghai to see who will win the battle.

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