Nokia N-Series Multitasking Phones

Digital Camera, A Video camera with DVD quality, a Digital Music Player, Video player,  an FM Radio, Ability to print your pictures by direclty connecting to a printer, Photo editing and sharing applications, WiFi connectivity, RSS reader, a full pledged Browser, an Organizer and a whole bunch of multimedia and personal information maangement applications.  Oh, we forgot, you can also make voice calls, SMS, MMS, IM ..... and all that you can do with a traditional cellular phone.

This is not a list of my dream cellphone, but just a preview of features offered by Nokia N-Series N-93 Phones. N-Series phones also comes with WiFi, that means along with your carriers cellular network you can also use any hotspot to download or upload or browse web sites. Recently we have posted about printing capability of N-series mobile phone from Nokia. Yesterday, I watched a preview of N-93 Nokia Mobile featured on ABC News ABC News Ahead of the Curve Video podcasts series. Watch the video podcast here:

Cell Phone Multi-Tasking

Wednesday, July 26, 2006, 9:09:23 PM

A cell phone for everything -- pictures, video, music, and calls. Feed image

Enclosure icon060726ann aotc cellphone.m4v?CMP=OTC-3V9R06864381

You can also visit Nokia N93 Phone home page for more details about the phone.

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