Mobile Printing on Nokia N-Series Phones

As per a news item, Nokia N-series phones will enable users print photos right from their mobile phones, by connecting them to printers through USB or a bluetooth connection. The software on the phone also allows to order prints of pictures directly from their mobile phones from Snapfish and likes.

Software in four of Nokia's Nseries camera phones will enable users to order prints of their pictures for store pick-up or home delivery from services such as Hewlett-Packard's Snapfish. The new software will add to the printing capabilities of the phones, which can already connect to certain printers over USB or a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Nokia's software will allow Snapfish users in the U.S. to order prints from their online photo gallery directly from an N80 Internet Edition camera phone. They can already upload pictures to their gallery from a variety of camera phones, but so far prints can only be ordered over the Web from a PC.

The N80 will ship in the U.S. before year-end, Nokia said, but users elsewhere will have to wait a little longer.

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