INSTANTMOTO - Motorola Mobile Phones on a Vending Machine near you

Motorola, the No.2 in Mobile phones will be the No.1 to offer its Mobile phones and accessories through a Vending machine. The stores are operated by San Francisco-based Zoom Systems, which also operates iPod vending machines. Currently these vending systems are in the San Francisco International Airport and Macy's on State Street, in addition to more locations across the country.

The vending machine-like "Instantmoto" stores will sell 12 kinds of phones and 18 accessories. Shoppers will be able to use credit cards to purchase mid- to high-end models, including the Razr and the Q, and can buy with or without a service plan for T-Mobile, Verizon and Cingular service. Using a touch-screen, customers can pick a phone's style, color and accessories, such as car adapters and chargers. Then go-online to the carriers website to register for the service.

The machines are about three times the size of a typical beverage vending machine, so one can spot them easily. These machines are being installed in nearly 20 malls and airports nationwide by November, 2006.

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