'The Changing World' with Cellular Phones

Cellular Phones have dramatically changed our life style, even before rich content applications arrived. Still in some parts of the world, mobile is still primarily used for voice calls and access in remote parts. Rest of the developed world, now with a wide variety of Content and applications, they are becoming the most dependable devices ever. A new life style called The Cellular Life Style is born and growing at exponential rate. Not convinced or can't believe the Cellular phone as the most integral part of our lifestyle, listen to the following podcasts produced by BBC and PRI in 'The Chaning World' series. 

Mobile Phones : In these documentaries produced for the BBC World Service, we explore the influence of the mobile phone on lives throughout the world. From rural Africa to cosmopolitan cities in Europe, cell phones have changed the way we communicate – and how we expect to be able to communicate.

  • Part 1 : Nick Rankin explores the history of mobile phone technology in this BBC World Service documentary. He examines how cell phones are changing the lives of the poor, and questions just how safe and secure our mobile phone conversations are. Listen to MP3 file here.
  • Part 2 : The global explosion in mobile phone use has been met with a call for better cell phone etiquette. In this half-hour, Nick Rankin looks at how mobile phones have blurred boundaries between public and private lives, from Europe to Australia. Listen to MP3 here.
The Communications Revolution : How we communicate is rapidly changing. Whether you’re in a preschool in London, a coffee shop in Boston or on a street corner in Kigali, new technology has the potential to bring us closer together. Or some say, to alienate us. In these documentaries produced for the BBC World Service, Mike Williams examines “The Communications Revolution.”
  • Part 1 :  When is a phone, not a phone? Some people welcome the wealth of features new cell phones offer – others would be happy just making and receiving phone calls. Mike Williams looks at the history of communication technology, and explores the spread of mobile phones. He also takes us into the world of Star Trek, and looks at the impact that classic TV show may have had on modern advancements. Listen to MP3 here
  • Part 2 : In this BBC World Service documentary, Mike Williams examines how communication is transforming the way we lead our lives. We can use our cell phone or computer to make travel arrangements, and we can do our grocery shopping while sitting in bed. New communication technologies also hold promise for those who are disabled or dealing with debilitating illnesses. Mike Williams profiles advancements that can help all people lead more independent lives.  Listen to MP3 here.

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