Sunday, August 13, 2006

Windows Live Writer - WOW !! Lovely.

I saw a post on GigaOM talking about Windows Live Writer, and with all my frustration with the current tools, I immediately downloaded the tool to see what they got. The very first minute, I started using it, I fell in love with it. Huge WOW!

I have used w.blogger in the past. And then Qumana looked little better. But Windows Live Writer just rocks!!!. I loved it the first minute. The coolest feature is true WYSIWYG feature. The tool understands the styles that you have on your blog and show the post using those styles right at the moment you are editing. No more publish, view, and edit the posts. You are guaranteed that in the true sense, What You See Is What You Get on your blog.

Simple, clean, just like any other Microsoft product it got an Intuitive user interface, and a special big WOW for WYSIWYG !!!

You can download from the its blog Windows Live Writer here.

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