Whatz wrong with Google?

Normally, we don't get to hear about key people leaving Google or some ex-Googler is starting up something that competes directly with one of the Google's services. The Google PR and the media in general has so far did a great of job of creating such an image that makes such news unthinkable.

Google is the best company to work for, it has the best of startup and big company alike,  and all that sort of PR style quotes. Ofcourse, every one has invested in Google and it does not make sense to say anything otherwise.

But, I Just read on Niall Kennedy's blog that Jason Goldman, product manager of Google Blog Search and Blogger, is leaving Google at the end of this week.  

I could have taken time off or switched to a different project, but I feel that after I'm finished doing the nothing I've got planned, I'm going to want to do something somewhere small. And, to be honest, I can't really imagine being at Google but not being involved in Blogger.

Why Google will let the person responsible for Blogger and Blog search just go citing he has finished all he was set out for and has nothing else to do.  Really? I just can't buy that.

Also in the news is about an upcoming new Personalized startup Webwag that set to be released at the end of this monthby ex-Google France chief Franck Poisson.

Are these just isolated incidents or early indications of some thing big happening at Google? Is some thing wrong with Google, that let Jason to leave and Franck to pursue his ambitions else where?


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