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In year 2001, the Japanese Wireless Operator NTT DoCoMo started offering world's first 3G service. Most of the world was very skeptical about the success of 3G networks. Analysts declared it as the most riskiest endeavour ever taken by any wireless operator in the world. Most questioned why would anybody buy an expensive handset and play with a new interface with an unknown technology and an equally unwanted application. Not many had an internet connection to their computers, and why would some one need an internet connection on the cell phone.

Most probably you are not an exception. You might be just one of them asking similar if not same questions. Why would any body want to use Mobile to access internet? What the heck is about ringtones?

And the rest is history.  We believe, it is by far the most memorable and defining parts in the history of Mobile. Today, We assume that most of you have some sort of answers to most of those questions. NTT DoCoMo and its spectacular "i-Mode" have successfully created a new world of Mobile users, who love to do every thing on their Mobiles.  Right from accessing email to paying bills at a shop. Along the way, they have completely changed, what people call the traditionl way. For example, most people in Japan even stop wearing watches, almost an 100 years tradition. They started using Mobile as their watch, timer, calendar and organizer. That is just a simple example of how Japanese redefined their lifestyle around the Mobile.

We call it The Cellular Life Style, a life style apart. Some love to call it Mobile2.0. We don't argue.

The rest of the world,  took their own sweet time to really grasp what happened and as you can see they have recently started moving in the direction. Technically, 3G is becoming a reality in the rest of the world too. Either already deployed or in trials now and will be deployed pretty soon.  

So, the question to be asked at this moment is, "Are you ready" to be part of the revolution,  and create a new life style? Or just stay comfortable reading a similar story again in 2010?

If you are ready or willing to be one, then Welcome to 'The Cellular Life Style', a blog that will connect you to the Blazing new life styles of the Cellular world with reports, analysis, commentary and reviews about the Key Trends, Technologies, People, Companies, and Cool little gadgets that are redefining the Cellular Life Style. Just not what is available but how it can help you redefine your own life style around it.

If you haven't noticed, Mobile/cell phone is no longer just a phone that we knew. Today, we CAN take  pictures, record video, access email, browse internet, download music, watch TV, use cell phone as a smart card, pay at a shop, listen to podcasts, write your blog and the list goes on almost endless. 

So, here we are, attempting to be your preferred source for latest and relevant information in the Mobile World. On the way,  aspiring to help you redefine Your Cellular Life Style. We will cover the latest features, offers from carriers, gadgets, applications and give you a fair and informative look at the buzz in the Mobile Data World.

Hope you will enjoy the journey and be part of the revolution. If you have some cool stuff to share with us, please email inspions@gmail.com or submit as comments on this blog on a relevant post. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe by email (scroll down to the bottom of the screen).

There are three kinds of people; one who watches things happen, one who makes things happen and one who says 'what happened ?' - Anon

You absolutely have the right to choose !  We respect your choice. Its your style, by all means.


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