Top 30 VOIP Blogs

Found a great post The Top 30 VoIP Blogs that you must read to stay in touch with VOIP World at

The listing of 30 blogs has been divided in to three sections. The top 10, that are read almost daily by almost every one in the VOIP industry and are a must reads. This list is followed by the Prominent 10 that are read atleast once in a week that cover a niche area of VOIP. And then the 10 worth reading blogs, that mostly cover news around VOIP.

Top 10:

  1. Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch
  2. Om Malik - GigaOm
  3. ....

The Prominent

  1. Asterisk VoIP News
  2. Alec Saunders .Log
  3. ....

Always Worth a Read

  1. Ken Camp’s Realtime VoIP
  2. Solomon’s Ige VoIP Blog
  3. ....

Wonderful compilation. One of the readers of the posting Dan York also left some links to Podcasts on VOIP.  Please visit Smith's blog for the complete listing of blog and podcasts.


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