Tuesday, August 29, 2006

IndiaToday: India in Numbers

India Today's cover story 'India in Numbers', published on the eve of India's Independence day(15th August) attempted to showcase the 59 year old Independent India using numbers. Numbers are as complex as Indian psyche. They can lie flat out and hide the truth or can reveal the startling truth. But overall, an interesting compilation.

Some are clearly encouraging and some are totally disheartening. Some are quite unbelievable and some are outrageously naive. It is very important to put them in proper context to see beyond the numbers. Otherwise, is there any significance to 59 ??

IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) has links to the PDF documents of the original article by IndiaToday here.

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  1. Bureaucrats and Netas have become big bottlenecks in this Nations path to progress.

    It's a shame. They want to keep India backward and Poor.
    Illiterate Votes help THEM.



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