Saturday, July 1, 2006

National TV meets Web2.0 Video Sharing

TV and Internet occupy most part of today's favorite pass time. No doubt. At any moment, most of us will be watching one of the screens. It is the age old bigger version (TV) or the new craze smaller version(computer screen).  These days, you can watch TV on your computer and you can get some of the internet content on TV (IPTV).

It does not stop there. One medium talks about the other and give all possible publicity to each other. Kinda, redefines what a synergy stands for. You see TV shows being discussed in blogs, emails an discussion forums. And you also see TV shows discussing about what is happening on the internet.  Recent addition, I watched last night, CBS Inside Weekend Viral Videos section where the show discusses the most famous videos shared on the internet. No surprise. In this edition, the top story on the Viral Videos section is the  video compilation of Shakira's fans dancing to the tunes of  "Hips don't lie". Watch the video here.

Very soon we can see a section in the main line news, called 'Today's top Blogs' or Today top pics from Flickr....
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