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Kaboodle is the best of and Google Notebook

There are many social book marking websites available to users, which more or less offer similar functionality as, the first and foremost that started all this social bookmarking. I have been using for a few months, and then I saw Google Notebook and started using it to create clips of webpages that I have been visiting, while still using to store bookmarks. But then I found  Kaboodle, which I think as a perfect blend of and Google Notebook, offering the best of both web applications and a lot more. Here is why I liked in all those three apps and why I think Kaboodle is a great social webapp. is the first social book marking web application that I started using a few months ago. I liked the no-frills approach to web applications. The interface is clean and simple. There are many features that offer. But these are the few that I found interesting and use the most at

  • Bookmark any webpage I am interested in, just by clicking on 'Post to' bookmarklet.

  • Add little note about that bookmark.

  • Add as many tags as possible to associate this webpage with my interests such that I can recall this webpage with one or more these tags

  • Provide all my bookmarks as RSS feed

  • I can access bookmarks saved by my friends  or people in my network

  • Search my bookmarks either using a keyword or by tag. The URLs are very friendly.

Things I thought would be useful if offered on

  • Ability to add bookmarks in private mode, which other users will not be able to see.

  • Ability to add bookmarks such that only people in my network will be able to see.

  • Ability for other users to add any relevant links to the bookmark as comments

After a while, I came to know about Google Notebook, which allows to copy/extract important text/images from a webpage and store it on the web, along with notes and URL. Moreover, you can organize these excerpts in different notebooks and each notebook can have sections and subsections. Here are few things I liked the most.

  • Save the URL/bookmark a web page

  • Add little notes about that web page

  • Copy text/image excerpts from the webpage

  • Organize into different notebooks, sections and subsections

  • Ability to keep some books private and some books public.

Things I thought would be useful if offered on Google Notebook:

  • Ability to add tags

  • Ability for other users to add relevant information as comments

Recently I came across Kaboodle, which is a perfect blend of and Google Notebook, offering the best of both web applications and adding the basic instincts of social web applications. I am just loving Kaboodle. These are few fascinating things about Kaboodle:

  • When I click on bookmarklet to add to kaboodle, Kaboodle does some thing that the other two apps are not doing. It extracts importants portions of the webpage automatically along with URL. It allows the user to edit the notes the way he/she likes if the automatically extracted information does not serve the purpose.

  • User can organize the bookmarks or web clips into different notebooks called pages

  • User can keep a page private or share with public

  • Other users can comment and add any relevant information to your page. Which is another good aspect of social web application.

  • All bookmarks in a given page (book) are shown on a single page, which enables comaring different bookmarks, particually useful if you shopping for stuff.

  • You can add tags for each of the bookmarks.

  • Feeds available for each notebook seperately.

  • Almost all features available in both and Google notebook are pretty much available.

I found that Kaboodle is a great blend of and Google Notebook offering a whole new experience of social bookmarking and social notes.

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