Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Indian startups to Watch

Red Herring profiled 8 Indian startups that are worth watching. Unlike buying too much into Web2.0 social applications else where in the world, these startups are focusing on technology areas like semiconductor design, biotech, mobile technology and consumer Internet. Not a surprise, keeping in view the technology savvy Indian entrepreneurs.

You can read more at Red Herring's web site , 'Eight Indian Startups to Watch'.   Here is the list, excerpted from that article:

  1. Ascendus Technologies: Online training platform for Business Executives.

  2. Converge Labs : Markets M-Bay, a Mobile Commerce platform that allows users to buy from their mobiles.

  3. Drishtee : Help Entreprenuers in Rural India by providing internet kiosks and train them to operate their business of offering internet to local people. Similar to Public telephone service in private owned booths.

  4. HelloSoft : Uses a commoditized processor rather than expensive specialized microprocessors to power handheld devices.

  5. IBS : A software services company specializes in niche area,  Transportation and logistics.

  6. NowPos Online Services : Offers free voice mail over the internet, aimed at users in developing countries.

  7. Ocimum Bio Solutions : Sells Software Tracking tools to research labs, contract research (Labs on hire) and supply of micro arrays.

  8. Softjin Technologies : Provides custom designed Electronic Design Automation tools.

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