Googleplex Architecture

MetropolisMag has an excellent article 'Behind the Glass Curtain' on Googleplex architecture, Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters. There are some interesting aspects of design in Googleplex architecture. Bright colors, book shelves on the corridors, electric outlets on steps ... and so on.

One other thing stands out though, and I still don't understand why each user's desk has two bigger monitors? (images from the above original article)

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ben said…
Having two monitors increases productivity tremendously. If you have never used two, you should give it a shot (assuming you have enough work to justify it).
Murali said…
Thank you Ben. When, I wrote this post almost 3 years back, I didn't really understand what Googlers are doing with two monitors. Couple of years back, as you said, I gave it a try, accidentally. And I fell in love with it. Not only, I don't have to alt-tab so many times to change windows (and save my fingers), some times, it adds much clarity to see information side by side.

Thank you for your suggestion anyways,

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