Cool links on Boot Strapping a web application

Ten Rules for Web startups by Evan Williams, the CEO of ODEO. He was also the co-founder of Pyra Labs that created Blogger.

Signal vs. Noise blog at 37Signals posted a small Biz 101 series based on their experience bootstrapping the most popular 37Signals web applications. It pays to listen to people who did it. Here are the links:

  1. How to get started

  2. Cash flow basics

  3. No one starts with a master piece

  4. Tips for increasing sales and

  5. Digg is your marketing secret weapon

The Cost of Bootstrapping Your App: The Figures Behind DropSend (part one) RyanC 06 Mar 2006 is an excellent primer to understand what it takes to bootstrap a web application, and exactly how they did it.You can listen to the MP3 and/or grab the notes of the presentation. 

Full time freelancing: 10 things learned in 180 days by Cameron Moll. Not specific to web application, but interesting insights from his Freelancing, I believe quite useful and related to any startup aswell.

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