Atlast Yahoo and MSN Messengers can talk

The long wait was over. The new beta versions of Yahoo Messenger  and MSN Messenger ( aka Windows Live Messenger)  can talk to each other. Now one can talk to buddies on MSN messenger right from Yahoo messenger. And vice versa. You no longer have to create, keep or maintain user Id on both networks, unless you have something else to do.

Visit Yahoo Messenger and/or MSN Messenger ( aka Windows Live Messenger) and install the latest beta versions.

I was so unhappy about the closed interfaces of Messenger applications (Open-Closed Messenger Services - Hyprocricy at its best 29th August, 2005) and wish that all these Messenger application can talk to each other.  I was delighted to see the announcement (Yahoo and MSN Messenger Deal 12th October 2005) of Yahooand MSN Messenger deal to make these two messengers work together. It was almost 8 months, but finally Yahoo and MSN kept their promise, to open up atleast between each other. For whatever reasons. Thanks anyways.

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