Standing on the shoulders of Giants, to start and grow a business

"If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants" - Sir Issac Newton We learn lots of things from our own mistakes. But a few of us also learn from others' mistakes. Some times, we can succeed just by following in the footsteps of successful and ambitious entrepreneurs. So, then a much better path to succeed is studying about successful people and their ventures. On this note,  I found a few blogs this morning that I would like to share.

Talking about failures at Feld Thoughts, urging Entrepreneurs to share their failures. So keep watching this blog for more posts on this subjects and its readers' responses..

"While it’s often difficult to talk about failure, there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from it.  The cliche “I learn more from my failures than my successes” applies directly to entrepreneurship and creating companies.  It can be difficult to be self-reflective, but I’ve personally found it very cathartic to study my failures, understand what I did wrong, learn as much as I can from them, and move on.  Occasionally I’ll have a similar failure a second time or a third time – hopefully I learn eventually."

While reading Feld Thoughts blogs, I found a comment by Mark Crowne pointing to a paper he wrote on "Why software product startups fail and what to do about it -  Evolution of software product development in startup companies", discusses specifically about Software Startup failures and what to learn from them.

Also, there are two posts by Pamela Slim from Escape From Cubicle Nation that summarizes her decade long experience in starting and growing her business, offers what a budding entrepreneur is looking for. What she did right and what she could have done better. Here are links to those two posts; Thanks a ton, Pamela Slim.

  1. Writing a Dr. Seuss business plan and other questionable things I did when I started my business - She discussed 10 things she could have done better and

  2. Dr. Seuss aside, what I did RIGHT when starting my business - in which she discussed 10 things that she did right from the beginning.

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