Speech Recognition in Microsoft word - My first blog post completely dictated

There are so many features that we might not have used in Microsoft word that are so useful and handy. For example you can dictate your blog posts using the dictation feature in Microsoft word.

This blog posting has been dictated using Microsoft word dictation feature, completely. I added only commas and divided into paragraph.  It’s sometimes difficult to get everything correct first time, thanks to my Indian accent but it’s not a big deal. I guess it takes time to train it. Moreover, once we have the basic text ready, it is easy to edit the text, than typing all text ourselves. I can’t believe it’s a lot of fun to play with it. It did not understand blog, I had to train it first.

If you never tried the dictation feature, try it out. It took almost 6 minutes to dictate this post. You might enjoy it.  Not just that,  you can also relieve your fingers. Go to tools menu and click on speech. The speech toolbar will appear on the right hand top corner. Click on Dictation to start. You can also use voice commands while using word even though you are not using dictation.

It is so cool and easy to use. Maybe I can do more accent training so that it gets used to my accent.  Pretty soon I can completely use word to type my blog posts. I have to use keyboard and mouse all the time in my office. At least when I am blogging or using computer at home I can use Microsoft speech recognition software, to give rest to my fingers a little if not completely save myself from CTS(Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

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