Reliance to start Triple Play Services in India this year

Reliance Blue Magic, a Reliance group company with Direct To Home (DTH) license will start offering Triple Play ( IPTV, High Speed internet and VOIP) Services most probably in 2006.

Reliance bought a 51 percent stake in Adlabs, one of India's premier film production and distribution company.
Reliance already laid out a 60,000 KM fiber network and in the trail run 20000 subscribers get a chance to preview what Reliance has to offer.
Reliance will be using Microsoft IPTV platform and Motorola's set top boxes.

Reportedly, there will be four different offerings from Reliance :
Cinema Screen : Typical Movie Theatres, Multiplexes and Digital Movie business
TV-Screen : Direct to Home and IPTV
PC-Screen : Triple Play services
Mobile : TV and content distribution on Mobile through R-World Portal

News Articles : Reliance Steps Up IPTV Plans
IPTV: Bollywood or Bust?
Adlabs to pioneer IPTV efforts for Reliance

Reliance is set to change the experience of Multimedia content, the way it did to the Mobile phones. Another larger initiative and head start for India.


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