On Startups: Why your software is not selling

A very thought provoking post with questions that offers a fresh perspective about the product a startup is offering, posted in a ingenious conversation format.

http://www.onstartups.com :  Why your software is not selling?

Possible Reasons Why Your Software Isn’t Selling 

  1. Lack of visibility:  Nobody knows who you are.

  2. Lack of leads:  Not enough people you can convert to customers.

  3. Value Unclear:  Prospects can’t figure out what it is you actually do for them.

  4. Value Clear, But Not Compelling:  Prospects know what you do, but couldn’t care less.

  5. Trials Too Difficult:  You’ve made it too hard for prospects to try your product – and few will buy without trying.

  6. Competing On Price:  Startups need to differentiate, but on something other than price.  You’re trying to compete on price.

  7. No Credibility:  Prospects have no reason to believe you will be around in 6 months.

  8. Too Hard To Buy:  You’ve somehow managed to convince a prospect to buy, but the buying process itself is too difficult.

  9. Client Risk Greater Than Zero:  Your customers are having to absorb some level of risk (e.g.:  You don’t have a money-back guarantee, you have long-term contracts, etc.).


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