Nokia to shift Global NMS to India from home Finland

Nokia has announced that it will shift its global telecom network management services hub from its home-base in Finland, to India.

Speaking at the occasion, Rajeev Suri, senior vice president, Nokia Asia Pacific (Networks), said that the managed services will be led globally out of India from July this year, and that Ashish Chowdhary, presently Head of Networks in India, will escalate to Global Head of Managed Services from India by the end of 2006. Suri said a central role was envisaged for India, wherein the country will not only function as a large target market but also as a hub for delivery and direction.

It is Nokia's Managed Services Division that runs telecom networks of service providers as part of the outsourcing agreement, and the current Vice President of Managed Services, Henrik Sund, is reportedly quitting the company. Suri added that Nokia's first Global Network Solutions Centre situated in Chennai had begun operations in May, and that it would serve as a hub for Nokia Operations Centers across-the-globe. In a separate announcement, Nokia and Siemens declared their intention to merge Nokia's Networks Business Group with Siemens' carrier-related operations to form a new company, named Nokia Siemens Networks. The resultant company will be a 50-50 joint venture, and will hold the promise to become a global leader in terms of growth segments in fixed and mobile network infrastructure and services.

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