IIT-ians joining startups

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27 graduates out of the 35-student electrical engineering batch at IIT Mumbai have opted for jobs with start-ups rather than top-tier companies.

That's a welcome sign. I am very happy with this news item, for all good reasons:

  1. They realized that they can not unearth their true potential by working within the cubes of bigger hulks, but in a free minded startups. If they had any thing better than other graduates in India, let them show the world what they got. 

  2. In the past, if IITians are any good, so far they only got a better job. Nothing more to celebrate. Now if these new generation IITians are any good, we will see some great new cool products on the horizon. Little test to the hype of inflated merit of the IITians.

  3. They did not follow the blind alley of fetching a job at a multinational and showing their mettle that they are different and they want to be distinct.

If you count the number of startups and successful ventures so far, startups with IITians are not on far with the media hype. Its is the graduates from other colleges who started venturing into entrepreneursip before IITians pissed off at big companies and started thinking about starting their own.  I hope atleast this would help to shift the media attention to brave and innovative startups, which they surely deserve.

I do not think that because IITians are joining startups, miracles will happen. Remember, IITians are following the paths of graudates from other colleges, who have ventured the path with conviction and ambition in the first place. Media attention is a bonus for the startup though. And I hope they have some creative minds that India can finally get the benefit of.

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Prabhat said…
Nice article!
I am trying to find out link to any start up in traditional engg field especially electrical. But, simply googling is not helping. Are there no start up in core engg?
share your thoughts plz.

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