How to start a Business in India

I have been searching for a while for resources and trying to contact consultants to help starting a business in India. At first I found only few links which talk about this topic and explain various options available and what needs to get started. And these links only talk in very brief and summarized format just to give an overall idea but not give enough information to decide any thing for example the form of organization. And there are one or two links that gives a hint about the steps involved in starting a business. Having little knowledge and details, I was desperate to find a consultant who can handle this for me. I did not succeed even in that almost for 3 weeks now.

But I am very happy and thrilled today for I found some links and websites which not only have thorough information about many aspects of starting a business in India, but also there are portals which allows an entrepreneur to take care of most of the steps in starting a business online. That is true, most of the stuff can be done online. I was suprised first and then amazed to see that there is a portal for everything.  I have jotted down lots of notes and stored many of clips using Google Notes. I will organize all my notes and share it on my blog here in the next few days.

If you are looking for any information regarding starting your business in India, please bear with me and Please visit towards the end of the week. I will have all the compiled information on this blog by end of this week.

Update on 21st June, 2006: I have compiled various Links on How to start a business in India and posted here.

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